Babble about shoulders and necks

This is my biennial (or so) post about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) and my 30 year odyssey of gratitude that I did not listen to the doctor.

I like so many other stupid things in my life waited until I was in a crisis moment before I ever saw a doctor about my TOS. It was diagnosed pretty quickly, especially compared to many other people that deal with it, and a round of tests and doctors and P/T was begun.

I was sent to the “expert” Dr in the area on the condition and I detested him. He was rude. On my 2nd or so appointment with him as I checked in I was in so much pain that I had trouble talking. Breathing & sitting severely exacerbated the pain and spasms. The check-in nurse was very dismissive once she found out I had not the THE SURGERY yet. Whatever. And then I waited, and waited, and waited only to hear my Doctor in a very important meeting with a sales rep laughing and having a great time. Walked out never went back. I did a lot of research on the surgical options and consulted with a different doctor who hesitantly suggested that many people are not helped by the surgery and it might be advantageous for me to wait until there were no other options.

Since that time I have learned that the rude doctor was pretty reviled by most of his patients! I feel vindicated.

Then a couple of years ago I joined a group on FB for others with this issue and there is a repeating pattern of all the people who have THE SURGERY – there are actually multiple just depends on what the specific issues are – and 1.) never fully recovered or 2.) had to have it again every 2 years, keeping in mind recovery is 6 months to a year or 3.) it did nothing but make their pain worse. Vindication #2.

There is no moral to this story, I am just feeling a little out of whack after Boniva dose number 2 so doing a mental catalogue of my body and what is going on and the TOS group is filled with sad people today.

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