Aging Backwards

HA – I wish!

I keep meaning to do a quick blog about this stuff but you know….procrastinating

At the beginning of summer I was given a sample pack from L’BRi products. It started with a conversation about hair but when I got the samples I fell in love with the gentle cleanser

I used it for a week and it felt, I cannot think of any other word, luxurious! So I decided to try it for the summer along with the matching moisturizer. My face gets pretty leathery 🤷‍♀️ so I committed to myself to use it twice a day.

I am so glad I did. I just ordered more of the cleanser ( I still have half a bottle of the moisturizer left because you use so very little ) because I do not want to run out. I know it sounds like I am a commercial, I swear I am never going to try and sell this to anyone, but my face is visibly different. I mean it is nice and soft and most of the crepe’inss is gone but the weirdest thing is how much less saggy it is! I just noticed the other day that the lines that were pretty deep under my chin, which is a stupid place to get lines, are just completely gone.

The other big difference is my eyelids, the droopy part is much better. I don’t think I use it on my eyelids more than 5 times a week. Imagine what would happen if I always washed off my eye makeup with it.

So there is my PSA for the month!

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